Finding a balance between cost and clinical benefits

with single-use over multi-use in daily practice

01Reduced Risk of File Breakage

Breakage is to be expected with multiple re-use

the risk of retained instrument fragments and procedural failure is greatly reduced by treating root canal instruments as disposable.

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02Improved Cutting Efficiency

Research has shown...

that using endodontic files in multiple cases actually reduced their cutting efficiency.

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03No Cross Contamination

No matter how well an instrument is sterilised

research shows that bacteria and tissue remnants remain on the instrument. Additional use of instruments increases the potential for cross-infection to every subsequent patient.

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04Cost Efficiency

The clinical benefits in going for single-patient use

out-weigh the additional cost because it means no time and money spent on reprocessing! (Disinfection, Cleaning, Sterilization and Organizing)

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